I'm Erin Frey, a seasoned graphic designer, creative director and versatile all-around-creative-type specializing in brand strategy, identity and visual communications. 
I work with companies ranging from small startup to Fortune 500 in the entertainment, beauty, music, food & beverage, and apparel industries, helping them to define, refine, or evolve their brand.
Formerly Creative Director at Live Nation Clubs & Theaters/House of Blues Entertainment, I led the design team in developing cohesive and concept-driven visual brand messaging for 40+ separate live music, entertainment and restaurant venues across the U.S. Being the lover of problem solving that I am, during my time there I also onboarded multiple enterprise-level workflow and asset management solutions to drive efficient execution across thousands of initiatives annually.
When I'm not working I can probably be found: still creating in some form or another (be it refinishing furniture or baking a fancy cake), sneaking out past my kids' bedtime to see a band, enjoying the great outdoors, or hanging out with my husband and our two boys.
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